Modular Matchbox Set

  • Product Code: MBSET04C
  • This geometrical matchbox cover and tray thinks outside the box. The top of the cover is hand-painted in a mixture of blues with a swirling design moving outwards from the indented center. Filling the hollow area are multiple small cubes coming together in a puzzle-like way with authentic light blue Austrian crystals scattered throughout. Three of the four sides are open, exposing the striking surface to allow for an easy light and refilling of the matches. The included tray has a matching border with numerous cubes building on top one another. The interior is a blue velvet, making it a soft yet sturdy base for the matchbox to sit in.
Dimensions: W 3.13" L 3.50"
Light Antique Silver Plated Pewter, Hand-Painted
Made in: USA
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