These small bowls are perfect for sides, dips, and desserts. In a variety of designs, styles, and finishes, Quest Collection’s bowls add style and class to any setting.

Condiment Bowls


2 colors
Color Options: Sonic Patina Bowl Sonic Brass Bowl

Sonic Patina Bowl Product Code: CND35C

Philodendron Bowl Product Code: CND34B

Fins & Scales Condiment Bowl Product Code: CND33B

Rock Crystal King Condiment Bowl Product Code: CND30B

Molten Edge Oval Condiment Bowl Product Code: CND15A

Small Bowl & Spoon Gift Set Product Code: CNDSET18A

Teak Wood Flower Salt Cellar Product Code: CNDW17B

Saturn Condiment Bowl Product Code: CND18A

2 colors
Color Options: Condiment Wood Bowl with Flower Decal - Small Tropical Wooden Flower Condiment Bowl - Small

Leaf Condiment Set Product Code: CNDSET17

Coconut Bowl Product Code: CNDW13

Geometric Condiment Bowl Product Code: CND17A

Mini Gold Apple Bowl with Spoon Product Code: DSH33B

3 Condiment Bowl Set with Tray Product Code: CNDSET09/TRAY43

Scalloped Teak Wood Bowl Product Code: CNDW12

Teak Wood Salad Bowl Product Code: CNDW08

Sheesham Small Bowl Set Product Code: CNDSETW11

3 Condiment Bowl Set Product Code: CNDSET09

Curly Brass Bowl Product Code: CND03B

Sheet Brass Condiment Bowl Set Product Code: CNDSET02B

Golden Half Egg with Spoon Product Code: CND29B

Whale & Shell Bowl Product Code: CND27A

Mermaid Shell Bowl Product Code: CND26A

2 colors
Color Options: Mini Pomegranate Bowl with Spoon - HP Mini Gold Pomegranate Bowl with Spoon
2 colors
Color Options: Branch with Mini Pomegranate Bowls Branch with Mini Gold Pomegranate Bowls

Branch with Mini Pomegranate Bowls Product Code: ORN22C

2 colors
Color Options: Flower Bowl - Aubergine Flower Bowl - Lilac

Flower Bowl - Aubergine Product Code: CND21G

5 colors
Color Options: Small Bowl & Spoon - Taupe Small Bowl & Spoon - Apricot Small Bowl & Spoon - Lavender Small Bowl & Spoon - Blue Small Bowl & Spoon - Mint Green

Small Bowl & Spoon - Taupe Product Code: CND20B

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