Tulip Menorah - Multicolored

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  • Product Code: MEN01E
  • Need a menorah for Hanukkah? This one will brighten your home with feelings of Spring during the middle of Winter. With candle holders designed as tulips, each one has a tall vine with leaves extending, and a flower at the top for the candle to sit in. Along the vines and base are adorable ladybugs crawling all around. Handcrafted and hand-painted, the leaves are a forest green with each tulip a different pastel color. Traditionally used for the Jewish holiday Hanukkah, this can also be a display piece in your home throughout the year.
Dimensions: H 5" W 2" L 7.25"
Light Antique Silver Plated Pewter, Hand-Painted
Made in: USA
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Tulip Menorah - Multicolored Tulip Menorah- Pink
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