Heart Ring Jewelry Holder - Red

  • Product Code: RH02B
  • Always misplacing your rings when you need to take them off? This is the perfect solution! Stunningly handcrafted from pewter and plated in gold, this ring holder is in the shape of a heart! It is hand-painted in a gorgeous red with a golden beaded design outlining its shape with red Austrian crystals dotted along the outer rim. A green stem grows from the center with a matching beaded design, coming to a heart shape at the top, creating a great spot to place all of your rings. This is perfect to keep by your sink, night stand or even bathroom!
Dimensions: H 3.75" W 2.75" L 2.50"
24ct Gold Plated Pewter, Hand-Painted
Made in: USA
Color Options:
Heart Ring Jewelry Holder - Red Heart Ring Jewelry Holder - Purple Heart Ring Jewelry Holder - Orange
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