Celebrate “the Festival of Lights” and remember the Hanukkah miracles with a Quest Collection menorah. From fun and playful to elegant and luxurious, each of our menorahs are hand-finished with care so you can find the perfect one for you.



2 colors
Color Options: Victorian Menorah - Gold Victorian Menorah - Brass

Victorian Menorah - Gold Product Code: MEN15D

Ombre Flora Menorah Product Code: MEN65B

Royal Menorah - Black /White Product Code: MEN23F

Sale -38%

Wave Menorah Product Code: MEN56A

Sale -31%

Modern Menorah Product Code: MEN61A

Sale -29%

Kotel Wall Menorah Product Code: MEN60A

Wildflower Menorah Product Code: MEN59A

Tree Branches Menorah Product Code: MEN57C

Rose Menorah Product Code: MEN07D

2 colors
Color Options: Butterfly Forest Menorah - HP Butterfly Forest Menorah - Gold

Butterfly Forest Menorah - HP Product Code: MEN46E

Royal Menorah - Blue Product Code: MEN23E

Coral Reef Menorah Product Code: MEN52C

Industrial Chic Menorah Product Code: MEN51A

Cubed Menorah Product Code: MEN50A

Doggie Menorah Product Code: MEN09C

Butterfly Branch Menorah Product Code: MEN48B

Imperial Menorah Product Code: MEN35B

Fleur-de-lis Menorah - HP Product Code: MEN46C

Golden Branch Menorah Product Code: MEN39B

2 colors
Color Options: 7 Branch Temple Menorah 5" - Silver 7 Branch Temple Menorah 5" - Gold
2 colors
Color Options: Swirls Menorah - HP Swirls Menorah

Swirls Menorah - HP Product Code: MEN18B

Cylindrical Menorah - Pink Product Code: MEN05D

3 colors
Color Options: Joyous Menorah - Silver Joyous Menorah - Gold Joyous Menorah - HP

Joyous Menorah - Silver Product Code: MEN34A

2 colors
Color Options: Baroque Menorah 11" - Blue Baroque Menorah 11" - Multicolored

Baroque Menorah 11" - Blue Product Code: MEN06C

Gold Temple Menorah 8" Product Code: MEN21B

Mini 7 Branch Temple Menorah Product Code: MEN17A

Baroque Menorah 6.5" Product Code: MEN14A

Water Lily Menorah Product Code: MEN11D

Oceana Menorah Product Code: MEN13A

2 colors
Color Options: Bonsai Tree Menorah - Silver Bonsai Tree Menorah - Gold

Bonsai Tree Menorah - Silver Product Code: MEN22A

2 colors
Color Options: Tulip Menorah - Multicolored Tulip Menorah- Pink

Tulip Menorah - Multicolored Product Code: MEN01E

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