Apple Honey Dish Set - Small

  • Product Code: HNSET01C
  • This stunning apple honey dish set comes with 3 pieces. The creatively designed bowl is in the shape of an apple, with the inside hand-painted in green and maroon to mimic an apple's colors. At the top two leaves drape along the edge. The matching pewter-based, silver plated, spoon has a rounded leaf at its serving end and an adorable pink flower at the other with authentic green Austrian crystals to enhance its beauty. The glass tray gives the set a final touch with leaves as its legs. This delightful dish is perfect for your Rosh Hashanah needs.
Dimensions 1st item: Dia 5.50"
Dimensions 2nd item: W 3" L 3.50"
Light Antique Silver Plated Pewter, Hand-Painted, Glass
Made in: USA
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