A Bar Mitzvah is the Jewish initiation ceremony of a boy who has reached the age of thirteen. They are regarded as a man and ready to observe all the mitzvot as well as take part in a minyan. Browse Quest Collection’s Bar Mitzvah category to find the perfect gift for the young boy coming of age, whether it be a Kiddush cup, cufflinks or tzedakah box!

Bar Mitzvah


2 colors
Color Options: Fiddler on the Roof Tzedakah Box - Brass Fiddler on the Roof Tzedakah Box
2 colors
Color Options: Kids Kiddush Cup - Blue Kids Kiddush Cup - Pink

Kids Kiddush Cup - Blue Product Code: SKDC11A

Children's Kiddush Cups Set Product Code: SKDC07-08-09

Children's Rabbit Kiddush Cup Product Code: SKDC08GN

Children's Elephant Kiddush Cup Product Code: SKDC09PK

Children's Bear Kiddush Cup Product Code: SKDC07BL

Bar Mitzvah Tzedakah Box - HP Product Code: TZBX13B

Wild Flower Tzedakah Box Product Code: TZBX10B

Textured Yad Product Code: YAD35B

Doggie Menorah Product Code: MEN09C

3 colors
Color Options: Teddy Bear Dreidel - Blue Teddy Bear Dreidel - Multicolored Teddy Bear Dreidel - Pink

Teddy Bear Dreidel - Blue Product Code: DRD13A

Jerusalem Tallit Clips Product Code: TC30A

Hamsa Tallit Clips Product Code: TC29A

3 colors
Color Options: Wild Rose Tallit Clips - Purple Wild Rose Tallit Clips Wild Rose Tallit Clips - Teal

Wild Rose Tallit Clips - Purple Product Code: TC27B

2 colors
Color Options: Filigree Dreidel - Blue Purple Filigree Dreidel

Filigree Dreidel - Blue Product Code: DRD18A

Ancient Coins Cufflinks Product Code: CL01A

2 colors
Color Options: Opened Scroll Mezuzah - Blue Opened Scroll Mezuzah - Gold

Opened Scroll Mezuzah - Blue Product Code: MEZ51A

Old Coins Tallit Clips Product Code: TC26A

Evil Eye Hamsa Tallit Clips Product Code: TC23A

2 colors
Color Options: Nursery Dreidel - Blue Nursery Dreidel - Pink

Nursery Dreidel - Blue Product Code: DRD33B

Tree of Life Tzedakah Box Product Code: TZBX03A

Traditional Dreidel Product Code: DRD01SK

2 colors
Color Options: Star of David Tzedakah Box - Blue Star of David Tzedakah Box - Pink

Star of David Tzedakah Box - Blue Product Code: TZBX01A

Israel Museum Torah Pointer Product Code: YADIM29A

2 colors
Color Options: Scripture Yad - Gold Scripture Yad - Silver

Scripture Yad - Gold Product Code: YAD26B

2 colors
Color Options: Spiral Yad - Silver Spiral Yad - Gold

Spiral Yad - Silver Product Code: YAD30A

5 colors
Color Options: Tree Seasons Mezuzah - Blue Tree Seasons Mezuzah - Green Tree Seasons Mezuzah - Brown Tree Seasons Mezuzah - Purple Tree Seasons Mezuzah - Pastel Green

Tree Seasons Mezuzah - Blue Product Code: MEZ03A

Starlight Kiddush Cup & Tray Product Code: KDC01A

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