Brighten up your home with Quest Collection’s Joyous collection. Inspired by the biblical Miriam, each piece features delighted women dancing. Their elegantly handcrafted shapes and twirling dresses are a beautiful touch for any home.



2 colors
Color Options: Joyous Seder Plate - Gold Joyous Seder Plate - HP

Joyous Seder Plate - Gold Product Code: SDR17B

3 colors
Color Options: Joyous Kiddush Cup - Gold Joyous Kiddush Cup - HP Joyous Kiddush Cup - Silver

Joyous Kiddush Cup - Gold Product Code: KDC30B

3 colors
Color Options: Joyous Menorah - Silver Joyous Menorah - HP Joyous Menorah - Gold

Joyous Menorah - Silver Product Code: MEN34A

3 colors
Color Options: Joyous Candle Holders - Gold Joyous Candle Holders - HP Joyous Candle Holders - Silver

Joyous Candle Holders - Gold Product Code: CS22BPR

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