Don’t settle for simple, choose from one of Quest Collection’s ornate mezuzahs. Hand-painted, intricately designed, embellished with genuine Swarovski crystals, each of these mezuzahs are luxurious and sophisticated to the discerning eye.


2 colors
Color Options: Secret Garden Flower Mezuzah – Silver Secret Garden Flower Mezuzah – Gold

Cascade Mezuzah 6" - Silver Product Code: MEZ85F

Curlicue Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ180A

Classic Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ80B

Cascade Mezuzah - 4.5" Product Code: MEZ70D

Embassy Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ141C

2 colors
Color Options: Noble Mezuzah - Silver Noble Mezuzah - Gold

Noble Mezuzah - Silver Product Code: MEZ118A

Elite Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ59B

2 colors
Color Options: Fancy Swirl Mezuzah - Maroon Fancy Swirl Mezuzah - Brown

Fancy Swirl Mezuzah - Maroon Product Code: MEZ86B

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