Quest Collection presents a wide array of traditional mezuzahs from which choose. These elegant and classic designs are timeless and quintessentially Jewish, perfect for any home, office, or synagogue.


3 colors
Color Options: Paneled Mezuzah - Brass Ox Paneled Mezuzah - Gold Paneled Mezuzah - Silver

Paneled Mezuzah - Brass Ox Product Code: MEZ239C

Kotel Grid Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ245B

Bluebell Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ242A

Glass Scroll Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ234A

Navy Stripes Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ230A

2 colors
Color Options: Melted Wax Mezuzah - Gold Melted Wax Mezuzah - Silver

Melted Wax Mezuzah - Gold Product Code: MEZ227B

2 colors
Color Options: Scroll Mezuzah - Brown Scroll Mezuzah - Gold

Scroll Mezuzah - Brown Product Code: MEZ216C

Antiquity Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ201A

Portico Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ199A

Torah Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ06SK

2 colors
Color Options: Kotel Mezuzah - Gold Kotel Mezuzah - Silver

Kotel Mezuzah - Gold Product Code: MEZ161B

Keter Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ122B

2 colors
Color Options: Hebrew Script Mezuzah - Gold Hebrew Script Mezuzah - Silver

Hebrew Script Mezuzah - Gold Product Code: MEZ76B

Jerusalem Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ62A

2 colors
Color Options: Open Scroll Mezuzah - Gold Open Scroll Mezuzah - Blue

Open Scroll Mezuzah - Gold Product Code: MEZ51C

2 colors
Color Options: Synagogue Mezuzah - Rust Synagogue Mezuzah - Blue

Synagogue Mezuzah - Rust Product Code: MEZ21D

2 colors
Color Options: Noble Mezuzah - Silver Noble Mezuzah - Gold

Noble Mezuzah - Silver Product Code: MEZ118A

Star of David Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ108A

Hammered Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ145A

Delet Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ82B

2 colors
Color Options: Fancy Swirl Mezuzah - Maroon Fancy Swirl Mezuzah - Brown

Fancy Swirl Mezuzah - Maroon Product Code: MEZ86B

Byzantine Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ162C

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