Shabbat, a ritual day of rest and celebration, begins every Friday night at sunset, ending the following evening after nightfall. Women light candles to welcome in Shabbat before a big Friday night meal. However, before dinner can begin, Kiddush must take place! Kiddush is a prayer and blessing of the wine in a ceremonial goblet, the Kiddush cup. Following Kiddush, the meal begins with two loaves of bread placed on a beautiful challah board. Prior to eating the bread, diners must wash their hands with a special washing cup and recite the blessing of Netilat Yadayim. The end of Shabbat is marked with the Havdalah service, where a blessing is recited over a candle, a spice box and a cup of wine. Browse Quest Collection’s items to find any piece you need for the Shabbat celebration!



Pomegranate Shabbat Challah Cover Product Code: CHCV10B

Imperial Candle Lighting Set Product Code: CSTRAYSET

Marrakesh Candle Holders Product Code: CS47B

Regal Havdalah Candle Holder Product Code: HVCH07A

2 colors
Color Options: Koala Kid Kiddush Cup – Blue  Koala Kid Kiddush Cup – Pink

Koala Kid Kiddush Cup – Blue  Product Code: SKDC12A

Regal Spice Box Product Code: SB09A

Gilded Wreath Tray Product Code: PL100B

Regal Havdalah Set Product Code: HVSET09A

Regal Havdalah Cup Product Code: HAVC09A

Children's Elephant Kiddush Cup Product Code: SKDC09PK

Children's Rabbit Kiddush Cup Product Code: SKDC08GN

Children's Bear Kiddush Cup Product Code: SKDC07BL

2 colors
Color Options: Kids' Kiddush Cup - Blue Kids' Kiddush Cup - Pink

Kids' Kiddush Cup - Blue Product Code: SKDC11A

Marble Candle Holders Product Code: CS41B

Flowery Candle Holders Product Code: CS46A

Children's Kiddush Cups Set Product Code: SKDC07-08-09

Flower Candle Holders Product Code: CS45

Butterfly Challah Bread Board Product Code: CHBTW116A

Marrakesh Tea Light Holder Set Product Code: TCH10B

Daisy Tea Light Set Product Code: TCH09B

Lattice Challah Bread Knife Product Code: KN20B

2 colors
Color Options: Two Tone Painted Pomegranate Bread Knife Two Tone Wooden Accent Pomegranate Bread Knife

Molten Edge Candle Holders Product Code: CS42B

2 colors
Color Options: Modern Kiddush Cup & Tray - Charcoal Modern Kiddush Cup - Bridal White
2 colors
Color Options: Modern Candle Holders - Charcoal Modern Candle Holders - Bridal White

Modern Candle Holders - Charcoal Product Code: CS40C

2 colors
Color Options: Traditional Havdalah Set - Green Traditional Havdalah Set - Blue

Traditional Havdalah Set - Green Product Code: HVSET01B

2 colors
Color Options: Modern Matchbox Set - Charcoal Modern Matchbox Set - Bridal White

Modern Matchbox Set - Charcoal Product Code: MBSET38C

2 colors
Color Options: Pomegranate Silver Accent Challah Bread Board Tray Pomegranate Gold Accent Challah Board Tray

Pomegranate Challah Cover Product Code: CHCV10A

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