A “yad,” or Torah pointer, translates to the word “hand.” It is not permitted to touch the Torah so a yad serves as a place marker to follow the text from the scripture during Torah reading.



2 colors
Color Options: Notched Yad - Black Notched Yad - Blue

Notched Yad - Black Product Code: YAD38B

3 colors
Color Options: Dror Yad - Left Handed - Red Dror Yad - Left Handed - Gold Dror Yad - Left Handed - Silver

Dror Yad - Left Handed - Red Product Code: YAD10C

Textured Yad Product Code: YAD35B

2 colors
Color Options: Byzantine Yad - Gold Byzantine Yad - Purple

Byzantine Yad - Gold Product Code: YAD34B

2 colors
Color Options: Yad Holder - Gold Yad Holder - Silver

Yad Holder - Gold Product Code: YADHDR02B

Jewel Yad Product Code: YAD32A

Gelila Yad Product Code: YAD31A

Crown Yad Product Code: YAD04A

4 colors
Color Options: Tree of Life Yad - Light Brown Tree of Life Yad - Dark Brown Tree of Life Yad - Blue Tree of Life Yad - Green

Tree of Life Yad - Light Brown Product Code: YAD17B

2 colors
Color Options: Laurel Yad - Teal Laurel Yad - Brown

Laurel Yad - Teal Product Code: YAD12A

2 colors
Color Options: Spiral Yad - Gold Spiral Yad - Silver

Spiral Yad - Gold Product Code: YAD30B

2 colors
Color Options: Rose Yad - Purple Rose Yad - Pink

Rose Yad - Purple Product Code: YAD13E

2 colors
Color Options: Engraved Yad - Blue Engraved Yad - Brown

Engraved Yad - Blue Product Code: YAD21A

Cuff Yad Product Code: YAD22B

2 colors
Color Options: Byzantine Yad holder - Gold Byzantine Yad holder - Silver

Byzantine Yad holder - Gold Product Code: YADHDR04B

Ombre Yad Product Code: YAD01SK

Elliptical Yad Product Code: YAD09A

2 colors
Color Options: Scripture Yad - Gold Scripture Yad - Silver

Scripture Yad - Gold Product Code: YAD26B

3 colors
Color Options: Harlequin Yad - Blue/Green Harlequin Yad - Blue Harlequin Yad - Black/White

Harlequin Yad - Blue/Green Product Code: YAD03E

Fleur Yad Product Code: YAD25A

Swirls Yad Product Code: YAD06A

Israel Museum Torah Pointer Product Code: YADIM29A

Baroque Style Yad - Left Handed Product Code: YAD08A

Arabesque Yad Product Code: YAD23A

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