“Yad” is the Hebrew word for hand. The Torah is so holy that we are forbidden to touch it directly, thus the “yad” is used to point at the words and guide Torah reading. Quest Collection yads are great for synagogues and bar-mitzvah boys.



2 colors
Color Options: Notched Yad - Black Notched Yad - Blue

Notched Yad - Black Product Code: YAD38B

2 colors
Color Options: Scripture Yad - Gold Scripture Yad - Silver

Scripture Yad - Gold Product Code: YAD26B

Cuff Yad Product Code: YAD22B

3 colors
Color Options: Dror Yad - Left Handed - Red Dror Yad - Left Handed - Gold Dror Yad - Left Handed - Silver

Dror Yad - Left Handed - Red Product Code: YAD10C

Textured Yad Product Code: YAD35B

2 colors
Color Options: Byzantine Yad - Gold Byzantine Yad - Purple

Byzantine Yad - Gold Product Code: YAD34B

2 colors
Color Options: Yad Holder - Gold Yad Holder - Silver

Yad Holder - Gold Product Code: YADHDR02B

Harlequin Yad - Black/White Product Code: YAD03G

Jewel Yad Product Code: YAD32A

Gelila Yad Product Code: YAD31A

Crown Yad Product Code: YAD04A

4 colors
Color Options: Tree of Life Yad - Light Brown Tree of Life Yad - Dark Brown Tree of Life Yad - Blue Tree of Life Yad - Green

Tree of Life Yad - Light Brown Product Code: YAD17B

2 colors
Color Options: Laurel Yad - Teal Laurel Yad - Brown

Laurel Yad - Teal Product Code: YAD12A

2 colors
Color Options: Spiral Yad - Gold Spiral Yad - Silver

Spiral Yad - Gold Product Code: YAD30B

2 colors
Color Options: Etched Yad - Blue Etched Yad - Brown

Etched Yad - Blue Product Code: YAD21A

Harlequin Yad - Blue Product Code: YAD03SK

2 colors
Color Options: Rose Yad - Purple Rose Yad - Pink

Rose Yad - Purple Product Code: YAD13E

2 colors
Color Options: Byzantine Yad holder - Gold Byzantine Yad holder - Silver

Byzantine Yad holder - Gold Product Code: YADHDR04B

Arabesque Yad Product Code: YAD23A

Israel Museum Torah Pointer Product Code: YADIM29A

Fleur Yad Product Code: YAD25A

Elliptical Yad Product Code: YAD09A

Baroque Style Yad - Left Handed Product Code: YAD08A

Swirls Yad Product Code: YAD06A

Harlequin Yad - Blue/Green Product Code: YAD03E

Ombre Yad Product Code: YAD01SK

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