For a more classic look, choose from Quest Collection’s line of traditional yads. These elegant designs are timeless and quintessentially Jewish.


2 colors
Color Options: Scripture Yad - Gold Scripture Yad - Silver

Scripture Yad - Gold Product Code: YAD26B

Cuff Yad Product Code: YAD22B

3 colors
Color Options: Dror Yad - Left Handed - Red Dror Yad - Left Handed - Gold Dror Yad - Left Handed - Silver

Dror Yad - Left Handed - Red Product Code: YAD10C

2 colors
Color Options: Byzantine Yad - Gold Byzantine Yad - Purple

Byzantine Yad - Gold Product Code: YAD34B

Jewel Yad Product Code: YAD32A

Gelila Yad Product Code: YAD31A

2 colors
Color Options: Laurel Yad - Teal Laurel Yad - Brown

Laurel Yad - Teal Product Code: YAD12A

2 colors
Color Options: Etched Yad - Blue Etched Yad - Brown

Etched Yad - Blue Product Code: YAD21A

Arabesque Yad Product Code: YAD23A

Ombre Yad Product Code: YAD01SK

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