In Judaism, the pomegranate fruit, one of the seven species, holds a special symbolism. It is eaten on Rosh Hashanah as a representation for becoming fruitful like the numerous pomegranate seeds. Quest Collection offers multiple items in the Pomegranate Collection, such as trays, knives, havdalah sets, Kiddush cups and much more, to signify the importance of the fruit! 

Pomegranate Collection


2 colors
Color Options: Two Tone Black Pomegranate Mezuzah Two Tone Pomegranate Mezuzah

Two Tone Black Pomegranate Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ217C

Pomegranate Honey Dish with Handle Product Code: HNSET11B

Pomegranate Glass Curved Tray Product Code: TRAY127B

Pomegranate Tzedakah Box Product Code: TZBX09B

Pomegranate Candle Holders Product Code: CS32BPR

2 colors
Color Options: Mini Pomegranate Bowl with Spoon - HP Mini Gold Pomegranate Bowl with Spoon
2 colors
Color Options: Pomegranate Kiddush Cup & Tray - Gold Pomegranate Kiddush Cup & Tray - Silver

Pomegranate Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ194A

Pomegranate Havdalah Spice Box Product Code: HAV06B

Pomegranate Salt & Pepper Set Product Code: S&P16B

Pomegranate Dreidel Product Code: DRD36B

Pomegranate Necklace Product Code: NK26B

Pomegranate Napkin Rings Set Product Code: NR16B

Pomegranate Havdalah Cup & Tray Product Code: HAVC06B

Pomegranate Havdalah Set Product Code: HVSET07B

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