Quest Collection’s line of Pomegranate themed items is a hit year-round. Beautiful gold designs, rich hand-painted colors, and intricate detailing make the Pomegranate collection perfect for any occasion.



2 colors
Color Options: Two Tone Black Pomegranate Mezuzah Two Tone Pomegranate Mezuzah

Two Tone Black Pomegranate Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ217C

Pomegranate Glass Curved Tray Product Code: TRAY127B

Pomegranate Tzedakah Box Product Code: TZBX09B

Pomegranate Candle Holders Product Code: CS32BPR

2 colors
Color Options: Mini Pomegranate Bowl with Spoon - HP Mini Gold Pomegranate Bowl with Spoon

Pomegranate Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ194A

2 colors
Color Options: Pomegranate Kiddush Cup & Tray - Gold Pomegranate Kiddush Cup & Tray - Silver
2 colors
Color Options: Branch with Mini Pomegranate Bowls Branch with Mini Gold Pomegranate Bowls

Branch with Mini Pomegranate Bowls Product Code: ORN22C

Pomegranate Havdalah Spice Box Product Code: HAV06B

Pomegranate Dreidel Product Code: DRD36B

Pomegranate Salt & Pepper Set Product Code: S&P16B

Pomegranate Honey Dish with Handle Product Code: HNSET11B

Pomegranate Necklace Product Code: NK26B

Pomegranate Napkin Rings Set Product Code: NR16B

Pomegranate Havdalah Cup & Tray Product Code: HAVC06B

Pomegranate Havdalah Set Product Code: HVSET07B

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