In the Jewish religion, different holidays and events are constantly being celebrated. Whether it is a bar/bat mitzvah, Rosh Hashanah, wedding, or housewarming, Quest Collection has gifts for each event! Shop this section for mezuzahs, trays, plaques, dreidels and so much more to mark any occasion. 


3 colors
Color Options: Teddy Bear Dreidel - Multicolored Teddy Bear Dreidel - Pink Teddy Bear Dreidel - Blue

Teddy Bear Dreidel - Multicolored Product Code: DRD13D

2 colors
Color Options: Victorian Menorah - Gold Victorian Menorah - Brass

Victorian Menorah - Gold Product Code: MEN15D

2 colors
Color Options: Flutter By Mezuzah - Gold Flutter By Mezuzah - Silver

Flutter By Mezuzah - Gold Product Code: MEZ243B

2 colors
Color Options: Secret Garden Flower Mezuzah – Silver Secret Garden Flower Mezuzah – Gold
2 colors
Color Options: Koala Kid Kiddush Cup – Blue  Koala Kid Kiddush Cup – Pink

Koala Kid Kiddush Cup – Blue  Product Code: SKDC12A

Children's Elephant Kiddush Cup Product Code: SKDC09PK

Children's Rabbit Kiddush Cup Product Code: SKDC08GN

Children's Bear Kiddush Cup Product Code: SKDC07BL

2 colors
Color Options: Kids' Kiddush Cup - Blue Kids' Kiddush Cup - Pink

Kids' Kiddush Cup - Blue Product Code: SKDC11A

2 colors
Color Options: Scripture Yad - Gold Scripture Yad - Silver

Scripture Yad - Gold Product Code: YAD26B

Children's Kiddush Cups Set Product Code: SKDC07-08-09

2 colors
Color Options: Joyous Seder Plate - HP Joyous Seder Plate - Gold

Joyous Seder Plate - HP Product Code: SDR17C

2 colors
Color Options: Two Tone Black Pomegranate Mezuzah Two Tone Pomegranate Mezuzah

Two Tone Black Pomegranate Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ217C

2 colors
Color Options: Modern Salt Dish with Spoon - Bridal White Modern Salt Dish with Spoon - Charcoal
2 colors
Color Options: Modern Havdalah Cup & Tray - Pink Modern Havdalah Cup & Tray - Blue

Modern Havdalah Cup & Tray - Pink Product Code: HAVC01K

2 colors
Color Options: Modern Candle Holders - Charcoal Modern Candle Holders - Bridal White

Modern Candle Holders - Charcoal Product Code: CS40C

2 colors
Color Options: Modern Matchbox Set - Charcoal Modern Matchbox Set - Bridal White

Modern Matchbox Set - Charcoal Product Code: MBSET38C

Wedding Dreidel Product Code: DRD51B

3 colors
Color Options: Butterfly Mezuzah - Multicolored Butterfly Mezuzah - HP Butterfly Mezuzah - Lavender

Butterfly Mezuzah - Multicolored Product Code: MEZ193D

Flower Blossom Wedding Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ218A

2 colors
Color Options: Brides Wedding Kiddush Cup Brides Wedding Kiddush Cup - Silver

Brides Wedding Kiddush Cup Product Code: KDC43C

2 colors
Color Options: Grooms Wedding Kiddush Cup - HP Grooms Wedding Kiddush Cup

Grooms Wedding Kiddush Cup - HP Product Code: KDC42C

Bar Mitzvah Tzedakah Box - HP Product Code: TZBX13B

Bride & Groom Tzedakah Box Product Code: TZBX11C

2 colors
Color Options: Bridal Card Holder Set - Ivory Bridal Card Holder Set - Silver

Bridal Card Holder Set - Ivory Product Code: PF23H

Butterfly Candle Holders Product Code: CS37CPR

2 colors
Color Options: Marrakesh Bridal Salt Dish with Spoon - White Marrakesh Salt Dish with Spoon - Navy Blue

Blue Horn Inlay box Product Code: BX22C

Wildflower Tzedakah Box Product Code: TZBX10B

2 colors
Color Options: Cascade Bridal Candle Holders - White Cascade Candle Holders - Blue

Marrakesh Kiddush Cup & Tray Product Code: KDC39C

Purple Midnight Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ135B

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